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Portrait by unknown Flemish  Master, 16th Century

Things you might need to consider:

  • Getting the Photographer's permission to put the Wedding Photos online.
  • Who is the best person to be email contact on the site?
  • Will the site need updating, and if so who will do that? Do you want to keep the site open after the event, and for how long?
  • Would your Suppliers like to be given free publicity on your site? We can link to their own sites, or put their contact details.
  • What can you provide me with to give me a good idea of the "feel" of the Wedding, so the site can suit that. Bring along your Wedding File if you've got one organised, and any websites that you like the look & feel of.

~ quite nice wedding sites ~

Some friends of mine were getting married and asked me to build a site for them so that their interstate and international guests could find out everything they need to know about the wedding before they arrive. It was also useful after the event for friends and family to be able to order photos, as well as being a lovely ongoing record of their wedding.

After they asked me to do them a Wedding Site, I researched other ones on the web. I found most of them to be pretty horrendous. We decided that my usual clean, functional style was far better suited to what they wanted than any other sites we could find. Perhaps you've found the same? If so, I would love to build a site for your own wedding.

The site I developed for Sara & Brady is a reasonably large one, growing in size after the event with the addition of all of the official Wedding Photos. Such a large site would cost around $1000 - $2000. If you're after something smaller, a simple one-page with the basic information about the wedding and up to three photos would cost $200, or a 5 page site with up to 12 photos would cost $1000. This includes a year's hosting if required after which time you could either move the site, take it down, or pay a small annual fee to keep it online on my server. These prices are applicable if you're well organised and really clear about exactly what you want on the site. I can provide you with a Pro-forma to fill in, if that would help you to get organised.

After the actual creation of the site, I can also update it. For example, you would probably want to change the site after the actual event. I charge $45/hr for casual work. Alternatively, I can "hand over" the site at any point, if you wish to host it elsewhere and maintain and update it yourself. Many ISPs include up to 10 meg of space for your "personal homepage", so if you have this available I could build the site there for you and you could retain control of the site yourself.

There are a range of different "looks" that I specialise in shown in my Business folio area. These include medieval and retro, which you might wish to consider as an alternative to the fairly conservative and traditional look on Sara and Brady's site. As long as it's within my style range, the look is of course up to you! Showing me examples of sites you like is the best way to start.

Email me on if you'd like to discuss my building you a Wedding Site. I can usually have it up and running within a week, once you provide me with all the required content.

I am a real, independant web developer, and nothing I do is mass-produced. I'm not selling you an off-the-shelf product, but my own professional services as an experienced webmaster. Please explore my various folios to see what I've done - my combined traffic is in the millions of hits a year, although all of my sites remain personal and true to my views of good webcraft. Employing me is equivalent to having your rings hand-crafted by a jeweler who understands your unique vision, rather than just buying them from a display cabinet at a store. I'm not for everyone, but I might be just right for you.

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