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If you have a business and like the look of my sites, I can build a site for you.

There are a few factors you need to consider before contacting a web designer, see my basic example site here.

While I believe in providing customers with what they want, I'm also committed to the principles of simple, useable web design. If it's a flashy site with all the latest bells & whistles that you're after, then I'm not the designer for you - although I can certainly refer you to people who do that sort of thing very well.

If you'd like to see the sort of sites I build, have a look at my folio or have a look at my sample sites in a variety of styles: retro, medieval, entertainment or plain. They will each explain what I will need from you, what I do and why. Also have a read of my usability section. I design to make things easy for users, and although I have a style of my own, I aim to make sites where the content is what speaks to the user, not the medium.

I also now do sites for weddings.

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