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Does your organisation want hands-on or online training specific to your needs? If that's the case, perhaps I can help. I'm not a Registered Training Organisation as the expense for an individual is prohibitive - so I can't issue nationally-certified accreditations, but I am qualified as a Workplace Assessor and Trainer of Small Groups. I believe that all training needs to deliver outcomes as intended, but I also think it can be made fun. The more people participate in the process, the more effectively they'll learn. I think I can safely say that your staff won't forget my training in a hurry (and hopefully that's for all the right reasons).

I can either provide my own courses, develop courses to suit your organisation, or deliver existing training courses (such as nationally accredited packages). Please email me for a full list of courses, competencies and costs.

Generally speaking, the areas in which I can provide training are:

Workplace: Conflict resolution; Team Skills (based on a Belbin model); Preparing workplace documents; Oral presentations; Internet skills (basic, advanced or specific purpose); Aromatherapy for Stress Relief.

Web: Community-based web design; Web usability testing; Graphics for the web; Jobhunting online; Online auctions; Effective online research; Effective web networking; Publishing online; Promoting your site.

Research: Developing, conducting and analysing surveys; Effective online research.

In addition, I have a wide network of expert colleagues who can conduct training either online or in person. Please contact me for suggested trainers in almost any field.

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