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I'm all for sharing knowledge, but finding the information you need for a project takes time. While I enjoy helping others to develop their own research skills, I also undertake research on a commercial basis.

My primary source of research is the web. I spend most of my time online, and am experienced at finding information efficiently. I have worked as an Extranet Content Manager for the WA Telecentre Network, and subscribe to a wide variety of resources to assist continuous research in my fields of interest.

In addition, I have had considerable experience in developing, conducting and analysing Survey data.

When researching a project, I will provide a Report based on outcomes defined at the outset. Unless otherwise specified, I retain copyright of the Report and may publish it for general use as I see appropriate. If the research is of a more private nature, then alternate usage rights can be negotiated.

I respect the copyright of others, and will fully reference other people's work contained in any research I do.

If I know of a colleague with expertise in a particular area, I will suggest either working with them on the project, or refer the client directly to them. I have a wide network of professional colleagues with an exceptional range of skills and talents. Many of them would be willing to undertake one-off projects in addition to their usual fulltime roles.

Examples of my Reports are available to potential clients on request, subject to confidentiality or Commercial-in-Confidence agreements. Some publicly available examples can be found at I also collaborate on the preparation of Requests for Tender and Grant Applications, in particular collecting firm, objective evidence to support your organisation's claims.

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