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Call it teleworking, telecommuting, working from home or eWorking, it amounts to the same thing - working for a remote employer or clients, utilising technology to efficiently perform a job without having to be there 'in person'.

I'm a determined member of the Fluffy Slipper Brigade myself, and I've also undertaken a considerable amount of research on the subject of eWorking. My particular emphasis has been on eWorking relating to rural equity, as can be seen on my site I also research, train and speak on the topic more generally:

  • eWorking for Employees - Strategies to be an Effective eWorker
  • eWorking for Employers - Implementing a Formal eWorking Program in your Organisation

I am currently working on a Paper based on my research entitled " - eWorking from Rural and Regional Communities". This was presented at the IT in Regional Areas Conference in Rockhampton in August 2002.

I am based in Perth, Western Australia - but don't let that put you off. I can teleconference or facilitate online discussions, or if you'll pay my travel expenses you may even get me out of my very comfortable ergonomic chair....

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