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To the extent that time permits, I do professional work in the fields of Web Design, Training, Research, eWorking and Web Usability. I also now make tasteful Wedding Sites.

If you want to employ me to build a site or undertake some research or training, explore this site first and ask me for my resume. You might save us both a lot of time. Of course I need to make a living, but I also need to live with myself - so I'm fairly selective about the work I do. And there are only so many hours in a day.

I don't employ other people, but am happy to refer you to associates whose work I respect if I'm unable to do the project myself.

I operate legally as a sole trader under my own name. Businesses I deal with professionally will be provided with my name and Australian Business Number directly, but those will not be provided here for privacy reasons.

When I agree to do a project, I provide a clear list of outcomes to be met so you know exactly what you're paying for. Personal integrity is very important to me, so I'll only commit to deadlines and outcomes that I know I can meet.

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