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~ who am I? ~

Now there's a loaded question! But all you really need to know:

I'm just one person. I do all aspects of these sites myself, unless otherwise credited.

I work from home. A lot. I have no life, but I quite like it that way.

I wear vintage clothes, ride a Vespa and am generally more of a scruffy alley cat than a primped Persian.

I do a lot of unpaid/voluntary work, and I only manage to fit it in by being pretty ruthless with my time. I'm a bit of an efficiency-bitch, and I can get a bit snappy when people waste my time - nothing personal, it's just that there are so few hours in a day and so much to be done!

I'm an artist (isn't everyone?). You can see some of my paintings, books, photos and the like at My most commercial creative project to date is

I operate legally as a sole trader under my own name. Businesses I deal with professionally will be provided with my details directly, but they will not be provided here for privacy reasons. Being a woman on the web has certain drawbacks *sigh*. My qualifications are in Multimedia (digital animation and all that fancy stuff) but I choose to avoid that kind of thing in my sites. My resume is available on request.

If you have stalker tendancies, please find someone else to fixate on cos I'm kinda busy.

- katty b, June 2002.

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