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What do you want to say?

Who else wants to say it?

How are you going to say it?

Who do you want to say it to?

How will you get them to take it seriously?

~ getting your voice heard ~

One person in isolation can't have much effect on the world around them, but the web gives us the perfect forum to find others with the same voice, and then to make that voice heard.

An issue that I personally feel passionately about is employment equity for rural people. I therefore started a site and eGroup on the subject called The eGroup is made up of members who have an interest in the field. They are an excellent resource for harvesting ideas from, obtaining honest feedback about my own ideas, and to share networks with. The site is then the 'public face' of the ideas and information.

In the case of, it's really still my sole responsibility as it's not based on any organisational structure. If you do have an organisation, though, be sure to allow mechanisms for consensus and collaboration on the site.

I've been Content Manager for an official government-based Extranet, and it would have been very easy to provide content based on what I thought they wanted to know plus any official material that the Department wanted to convey to them. I didn't think that would be enough to get members to value and visit the site, though. I made much use of networks such as eGroups to harvest material that was relevant, and regularly solicited feedback about just what it was they wanted out of the site.

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