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We're all part of the community, even a geek-girl like me who never leaves the house. The online world is probably my primary community, although my background of living and working in a rural area also gives me a strong sense of still being part of that community.

I do paid work in the Community Sector (see professional) and I'm also heavily involved on a voluntary basis. Obviously there aren't enough hours in a day to help everyone individually, so I try to put my effort into assisting people to set up their own eGroups and websites so that knowledge can be shared efficiently.

If you're building a site, I can give you some pointers about how to make one that works effectively. If you represent a community group and would like some help with getting your message heard, I have a few tips about online advocacy. If you live in rural Australia, I've worked extensively with the WA Telecentre Network. Our Telecentres are small community-run centres where people can learn IT skills, get access to equipment and much more. If you're looking for work in Australia, I was once a Jobcentre Manager and I'm still keen to help people to get the right job.

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